Cam bending Kyodai KYO-CU02

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Product Description

Design drawings

Bản vẽ kích thước cam uốn KYO-CU01 Orange bending drawings size KYO-CU01

Orange is the lead structure, the structure needs to be led. When committed and should be in the same one plane, or in parallel on the plane have committed a flat structure, the same commitment and should not lie on one plane or two planes are not parallel structures have committed no scaffold.

In the structure of orange, orange and should be connected to the low prices in the joints (joints sliding, swivel), and connected by a high match. Usually committed by swivel connector prices; the need to connect with our rating by sliding joints are committed to pushing structure, which will need to reciprocating linear motion; the need to connect with our denominated structured swivel rocker cam, should meanwhile shaking motion

High on cam component connection joints should be first committed to a closed curve called cam profiles.

The basic parameters of the commitment includes the largest diameter and the smallest of the commitment, the technology angle, eccentricity and the angle periodically

Cam uốn được gia công tại nhà Máy Kyodai

Cam Bending Machine processed in the Kyodai

Cam bending are processed and manufactured in Plant Kyodai

With modern mechanical systems and a team of engineers, experts highly qualified traditional subjects are trained at home and abroad. Kyodai plant has the capacity to exact mechanical processing by the standards of Japan, Germany and ISO 9001: 2008.

ISO certification:

Kyodai quản lý chất lượng sản phẩm theo tiêu chuẩn ISO và đã đạt chứng chỉ ISO 9001:2008

Kyodai product quality management ISO certified and ISO 9001: 2008


Additional Information

Dimensions154 x 124 x 13 mm
Độ bóng

2▽ – bán tinh đến 3▽ – tinh

Độ cứng

Tôi đạt 55 đến 60HRC

Dung sai

Cấp 2 : ± 0,15 đến ± 0,6

Kích thước

DxRxC = 154 x 124 x 13 mm

Phương pháp gia công

cnc + khoan doa, Mài, Phay cơ

Vật liệu

Thép SKD


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